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Buried Plastic Gas Pipe Locator without tracer wire
GasTracker™ is an instrument for locating and identifying buried plastic gas pipes. It is able to locate the position and direction of a buried plastic pipe from the surface.

Internationally patented

unique signal injection method.
How It Works?
Sending a complex acoustic wave...
Gas Tracker operation
The principle used is the transmission of an acoustic signal through the gas under pressure in the network causing the pipe to vibrate.

The localization, operated by an acquisition and calculation ground sensor, makes it possible to locate the vertical of the tube, even in perturbed zones with high sound levels.
The transmitter, with a resonator tank, is connected to a standard meter box. It sends the signal through the gas, vibrating it, which in turn makes vibrations in the surrounding ground.

The transmitter is easy to use with only two options: ON and OFF.
The GasTracker™ receiver, using a listening device placed on the ground and connected to a hand-held receiver, displays the results.

The receiver has two modes: Prelocate, to quickly identify the area where the pipe is buried; and Pin-point, to accurately locate where the pipe is and which direction it takes.
Gas Tracker Advantages
It is fully operational in urban environments even with the associated ambient noise.
A strong design
All components have industrial design and made special for the field
A military connection
All connectors are military grade and highly reliable
A long-life battery
The charge level is displayed on the receiver GT2 application
User-friendly interface
It is very easy to use: 3 buttons — 3 functions
The GAS TRACKER operates on gas pipes at low pressure (0.30 psi) or medium pressure (58 psi). Use with "air" pipe is possible.
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