The new ultrasound camera Distran Ultra Pro uses 124 integrated sensors
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Natural Gas Leak Detection & Power Line Inspection

Pergam Technical Services — is a subsidiary of Pergam-Suisse AG international manufacturing company with headquarters in Zurich. We invent equipment and provide services for natural gas (methane) leak detection.
A device based on the method of remote laser spectroscopy was developed for helicopter-based diagnostics of main gasline linear parts.
Pergam Technical Services incorporated for sales, service and support.
We obtained the U.S. Authority's approval for flight inspection of main gaslines (we tested ALMA at the area of Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center).

A remote vehicle-based methane detector was developed, which expanded the capabilities of SELMA mobile laboratory.
International patents in the USA and Europe.
Start of shipments to China, South Korea, Estonia, and other countries.
Italian office was founded for promotion of proprietary developments on the European market.
Production begins on updated SELMA Version; sensitivity increased 10 times (up to 0.1ppm)
LMS fixed installation remote methane detector was developed for continuous gas content monitoring at gas transport system open processing areas.
An intrinsically safe version of LMS was developed for shipment to South Korea (Korea Gas).
First shipments of SELMA and helicopter-based remote detector to Australia and New Zealand.
We received a Skolkovo Foundation grant for implementation of further developments in the sphere of laser spectroscopy.
First fixed-wing sensor successfully installed and flown.
2018 — 2019
Full-scale production of methane detectors for use on UAV platforms.
Highly sensitive gas leak detector backpack system for walking and vehicle surveys.
Mathematical model of gas leaks quantification for TDLAS detectors.

Opened a branch office in China
Any Challenge. Any Platform. Any Facility.
Solutions for Gas Leak Detection
based on Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS)
Lightweight and compact laser detectors for remote methane leak detection.
Stationary laser methane detectors for round-the-clock scanning of areal facilities.
Gas leak detection by vehicle for use in urban areas. Laser detectors on roof and bumper mounts.
Aircraft laser detectors designed to monitor extended gas facilities.
A series of remote laser detectors for installation on unmanned aerial vehicles.
We develop customized equipment based on customer needs.
The remote laser detector measures methane concentration in the air. The laser beam (having the wavelength, which corresponds to methane absorption line) reflects from a topographic object (the ground, a wall, etc.), which is 150 m away from the device and returns into the receiving channel of the optical system. Concentration is measured along laser emission and is displayed in a relative value, i.e. ppmxm.
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25 years in Gas Leak Detection
Hundreds of completed projects on all continents.
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