Introducing the Next Generation of the Legendary LMm Laser Methane Detector — Laser Methane Smart
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Your Aircraft
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Create a targeted live campaign. Scale your infrastructure with our simple service
Do you have a helicopter or a light aircraft? Perhaps you have already been surveying gas pipelines or power lines in flight, haven’t you? We offer you to install our equipment on your aircrafts.
4 steps to result
Simple sequence of actions
Searching for a customer
You find a customer who needs inspecting gas supply infrastructure or power lines.
Equipment installation
We install the equipment on your helicopter using licensed brackets.
We do our job
Together with our experts, you perform an aerial inspection of a facility along an approved route.
You gain profit
You get paid for the facility inspection using special equipment.
Reasons to choose our cooperation
Just facts
We use only certified brackets for equipment installation. No additional flight permissions are required.
Our highly qualified engineers take part in installation of equipment, preparation for flight and aerial inspection.
Extensive inspection
flight experience
With our equipment, we successfully provided dozen inspections of gas pipelines and power lines.
Our Payloads
Corona 350
The Corona 350 is a gyro-stabilized gymbal containing four different cameras: an Ultraviolet camera for corona detection, a thermal imaging camera for detecting hot-spots in powerlines which can lead to costly breakdowns, a visual light camera and a digital frame camera. The Corona 350 is the ideal instrument for aerial power line inspections.

Jet Ranger, Bell 206, Robinson 22, Robinson 44, Robinson 66, Cessna 172, Cessna 206, DA-42,
ARAY (Zenair, Canada) and other models.
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