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The Evolution of Gas Leak Detection

The Evolution of Gas Leak DetectionDo you utilize the most efficient technology for your gas leak detection obligations?

When it comes to the demands from the gas industry, safety and reliability is closely followed by efficiency.

Pergam, as a leading pioneer in laser based gas leak detection, understood early the opportunities of the technology. Remote detection capabilities, low-cost-ownership through reduced maintenance and fast detection are only some of the unique characteristics of laser methane assessment. Together with clever reporting solutions, it revolutionizes the inspection process and considerably improves efficiency.

The Evolution of Gas Leak Detection

We are excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pergam Group and the 10th anniversary of Pergam USA. We pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer, inspection services provider and wholesaler of a wide variety of gas leak detectors:

Laser Methane mini
The Leatherman for leak surveyors. Truly portable and connected with your cell phone. Professional reporting and documentation is done with the simple press of a button. Call us today to test the instrument.

Laser Methane Copter
The greatest and latest. Our Laser Methane Copter sensor fits together with an autarkic data logger on all common UAV platforms. The inspections of pipes under bridges is only one of the now achievable applications.

Stay warm and dry. Simply drive down the street and the unique two sensor system picks up emissions in the street as well as in the side walk. High sensitivity, an intuitive work flow and easy data handling is guaranteed.

The sky’s the limit. Aerial transmission line inspection service from a safe flying altitude. The deliverable is a leak report including high-definition, georeferenced footage of the right-of-way.

Everywhere all the time. The stationary sensor on a pan & tilt platform checks 24/7, day and night, summer and winter predefined positions for methane and sends alarm messages via text or email.