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SELMA – the abbreviation for Street Evaluating Laser Methane Assessment – is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools for the detection of methane emissions from leaks or other sources. It detects and documents methane gas in the driving path of the vehicle.

SELMA MPB - Street Evaluating Laser Methane AssessmentTwo independent laser systems monitor the driveway (SELMA MPB – bumper laser) and the sidewalk (SELMA Roof). SELMA MPB and SELMA Roof can operate simultaneously as well as separately.

SELMAs main application is leak detection on natural gas transmission and distributions pipelines, inspections of natural gas storage tanks, compressor stations and other potential sources of methane emissions to the atmosphere.

The operating principle of SELMA is based on a pulsed beam from a diode laser (laser spectroscopy), which is pointed at the location to be inspected (SELMA Roof). The laser technology guarantees no interference with other gases in urban areas where the composition of the air is saturated with various hydrocarbons (exhaust fumes etc.). SELMA can easily be mounted on every type of vehicle. To inspect a distribution pipeline you simply drive up and down the road and scan for leaks.

SELMA Roof - Street Evaluating Laser Methane Assessment


The advanced and user-friendly SELMA software allows the surveyor to view the current position of the ongoing inspection. The system will alarm visual and audio alarms when methane is detected. When this happens, the surveyors have the possibility of stopping and classifying the leak. The software generates a full report after the survey to meet today’s requirements of a complete traceability of gas leak inspections.


Quick facts:
– User-friendly operation and data assessment.
– Suitable for most vehicles.
– Fast detection at normal driving speeds.
– Highly sensitive.


Operators’ seat with easy-to-install control monitor and joystick to control the roof unit.
The SELMA operator software indicates the track and methane indications in real time.
The report shows all findings in a standard spreadsheet and data can be implemented in Google Earth.


Sample Installations:


Made in Switzerland.

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