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New SELMA Roof available

SELMA vehicle based leak detection systemPergam Technical Services is proud to announce that we have just received an additional SELMA Roof system – the latest natural gas detection device for vehicle based inspections. The new equipment is available in our demo and rental pool as of today.
SELMA Roof can easily be installed on all kinds of vehicles and is ready for operation within a couple of hours. The inspection laser can be aimed in all directions around the vehicle by an operator controlled joystick. A built-in camera helps to target the exact position of the laser, as well as captures pictures and videos for reporting purposes.

SELMA RoofSELMA Roof system has the latest electronic unit implemented and comes with an updated, intuitive software version. The new SELMA GLD operating software guides the user through the inspection process and asks the operator to enter all relevant environment conditions.
The Global Mapper interface allows to upload a wide range of mapping files. All common file formats can be directly loaded into the system and do not require time-consuming reformatting.
Immediately upon the inspection, the SELMA GLD post processing software automatically creates an inspection report that shows the inspection track and detections. Methane findings are also indicated by a visual and acoustical alarm during the inspection in real time.
SELMA MPBAlternatively, SELMA MPB offers a bumper mounted solution. Air samples are taken from the road surface and are analyzed in a multi-pass laser channel. The multi-pass technology provides highest sensitivity (< 0.1 ppm).
Both systems are manufactured in Switzerland and are known within the industry for their high sensitivity and inspection speed, as well as their simple user interface. The equipment is available for rent as well as purchase for nationwide inspection services.
By incorporating the Pergam SELMA vehicle based leak detection, natural gas utilities and leak detection contractors can increase the efficiency of their city gas leak survey up to 40 %.
Please contact us for further information.