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LMC G2 DL — Laser Methane Copter G2

LMC G2 DL — Laser Methane Copter G2

Laser Methane Copter G2 with Downlink

The PERGAM Group of companies in cooperation with SPH Engineering has now introduced the second generation of unmanned methane (CH4) leak detection on a DJI Matrice 600 drone. Designed for a variety of applications, this new system is perfect for leak detection for distribution systems, storage and underground facilities, landfill areas and gas processing plants.

This second generation platform provides for real-time transmission of methane data at the surveyor’s fingertips and is visible on a control panel.

It is now possible to react in real-time to methane indications during flight. You can now pinpoint locations for the purpose of eliminating costly and dangerous leaks.

Features and Benefits

  • Survey rate — up to 328 ft / 100 m2 per 5 minutes
  • On-line (in-flight) data transmission — through the standard DJI communication line
  • Sensitivity — 1 ppm×m to 50.000 ppm×m
  • Transmission range — up to 3 mi / 5 km
  • 3D terrain relief mapping for ease of flight preparation
  • Remote control capability
  • User-friendly and easily deployable

Laser Methane Copter G2 Specifications

Target Gas

Methane (CH4) and methane-containing gases (natural gas and similar)

Detection Unit


Detection Limits

1 ~ 50,000 ppm*m

Detection Speed

0.1 seconds


1.5 ft. – 100 ft. / 0.5 – 30 meters


UAV — 21 lbs / 9.5 kg (DJI Matrice 600 series)
LMC — 2.2 lbs / 1 kg

Laser Safety Class

Guide light (green laser light): Class 3R
Measurement light (infrared laser light): Class 1

Operating Temperature Range

1°F … 104°F / –17°C … +40°C

Principle of Remote Gas Detection

LMC G2 DL is based on the utilization of laser absorption spectrophoto-meter of methane gas for gas mesurement.

The system detects natural gas leaks by emitting a laser at a particular wavelength and analyzing the light reflection from an object to determine how much was absorbed by the methane in the natural gas. The measured gas volume is expressed by methane column density (ppm × m): methane density (ppm) multiplied by thickness (m).

The Optical Unit (OU) of the LMC G2 DL detector could be installed on a gyro stabilized platform so that the laser beam is continuously directed towards pipelines and other natural gas facilities.

Supported platforms: Microdrones MD4 series, DJI Matrice 600 series, Ardupilot, Px4 based drones and Mikrokopter.

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