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Introduction from Johan Wictor, President

November 23, 2012

Dear Natural Gas Pipeline Company:

As the price of natural gas continues to surge, no company can afford to waste this valuable resource. At Pergam Technical Services we are committed to finding natural gas leaks in production, gathering and transmission pipelines. In the current competitive energy market, we firmly believe our ALMA technology will save you money and help decrease the chance of a catastrophic failure.

Our ALMA system offers a dramatic change to the conventional natural gas leak inspection methods by utilizing a pulsed diode laser. ALMA can real-time detect natural gas leaks as the helicopter flies the gathering or transmission pipeline. ALMA’s sensitivity is achieved by directing the laser at the target, which is then reflected back to a receiving mirror and analyzed by an onboard computer. When a leak is detected, a portion of the laser light will be absorbed in proportion to the concentration of methane along the path. ALMA has proven to be highly sensitive, economical as well as reliable.

We hope you are interested in learning more about ALMA and our service. We can help you increase your profitability while helping the environment. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Johan Wictor