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Inspection Services


Pergam Technical Services is a subsidiary office of Pergam-Suisse AG based in Zurich, Switzerland, that specializes in equipment and services for aerial and vehicle-based natural gas leak detection. We are also experts in aerial power line inspections with FLIR IR thermography, UV corona inspections, gyrostabilized platforms / gimbals.

We offer the following services

  • Gas leak detection with ALMA (Airborne Laser Methane Assessment) and SELMA (Street Evaluating Laser Methane Assessment)
  • Thermography services with analysis and documentation
  • Analysis of thermal problems
  • Alignment measurements of machine trains with documentation
  • Compressed air leak detection with ultrasound
  • Pipe inspections to detect internal and external corrosion and other defects over long distances with the aid of ultrasound (We are here for Wavemaker G3 Level 1 certified for ultrasonic pipe inspection.)
  • Airborne recordings of daylight and infrared video and pictures from the helicopter camera systems using gyro stabilized camera systems (Unique: We also provide radiometric infrared images with our HELIVISION system!)

Gas Leak Detection

Fossil energies like oil and natural gas and their availability are crucial for industries and households in all parts of the modern world. Their transport and distribution in high volumes ensures economic stability, mobility and comfort to billions of people. In order to guarantee a constant supply, huge pipelines and distribution networks are established, but there are also risks involved. Natural gas leakage from pipelines is not only wasteful but poses a real danger and coupled with the obvious threat to the environment, renders it imperative that these worldwide networks are consistently monitored.
A distribution network for natural gas consists of an intricate number of components such as valves, compressor stations, meters and many thousands of miles of both steel and plastic pipelines. The effective monitoring of such a network can be exceedingly difficult, especially in remote areas.

Department of Transportation regulations require operators of natural gas facilities to implement safety management programs, which include regular patrolling and leak surveying of pipeline networks.

Pergam-Suisse AG has introduced a solution to pipeline patrolling and leak surveying. Both the ALMA and SELMA systems represent a revolutionary new pulsed laser leak detection system that facilitates an efficient, fast, sensitive and economical inspection method.

This method of detection will enhance safety and reliability resulting in an increase in efficiency of the whole natural gas transport system. Its primary application is leak detection in natural gas gathering, transmission and distribution pipelines. Additional areas of inspections include metering stations, regulator stations, odorizer stations, compressor stations, valves, storage facilities and any other potential sources of methane emissions to the atmosphere.

ALMA System – Gas Leak Detection Service

The solution for transmission pipelines

We offer a reliable service for airborne inspection of transmission pipelines using cutting-edge laser based natural gas detection.

The Pergam service concept utilizes the most advanced technology, experienced pilots and certified operators for a dependable pipeline inspection.

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Our service is based on the latest generation of laser spectroscopy and offers a vital contribution to safety of transmission pipelines.

The international gas supply operates through an enormously large network of pipelines. Due to its immense size and requirements it often leads through inaccessible and difficult to negotiate territory. The nature of such a system can at times make maintenance extremely difficult.

Gas leak detection using our ALMA system offers the most practical and efficient solution.

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Natural gas companies can benefit from our professional inspection service. Most natural gas companies are diligent about monitoring and inspecting their networks, but still there are destructive safety incidents and a percentage of the gas in unaccounted for.

Most inspections of the pipeline are done with resources on the ground or visually from the air. These methods are either costly or ineffective especially in remote areas and do not correspond to customer requirements.

The inspection process
We can offer services regardless of your location in the world. You specify the section of transmission pipelines to be inspected.

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Pergam offers you a full service package for the inspection of your transmission pipelines. We corporate and coordinate the inspection with your local helicopter company or provide you a package with our helicopter partner.

Our specialised engineers will install the equipment to the helicopter and plan the inspection. Then we fly this route under suitable weather conditions and store all data in digital format.

The data is being recorded during the flight and is available for reporting and post processing.

The results will be summarized in a report which consists of a hardcopy, a real time video (DVD) as well as pictures from each place along with the GPS data where we have detected methane.

The increased efficiency of airborne inspections makes this service very economical. An airborne inspection proves its value particularly in inaccessible areas such as mountainous regions.

In addition to visual airborne inspections our system now offers the addition of the vital leak detection ability.

We would be pleased to provide you with a customized quotation based upon your request!


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Technical Data

Max measurement distance: 150 meters or 450 feet
Measurement time: 0.1 s, 0.5 s (simultaneously)
Detection range: 1-10000 ppm
Relative measurement accuracy: 1%
Power supply: 24V, 180W
Operating temperature range: -10C – +50C
Laser wavelength: 1,65µm
Laser power: 15 m W
Laser pulse duration: 1ms
Parabolic mirror diameter: 285mm
Focal length of mirror: 270mm
Minimum detectable radiation power: 2 p W
Optical unit dimensions: Ø 350mm, height 508mm, weight 25kg
Electronic unit dimensions: Length 600mm, height 250mm, weight 20kg

SELMA System – Natural Gas Leak Detection

Aerial Power Line Inspection Service