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World’s First: Remote Ammonia Sensor

FDL-7 [NH3] Remote Ammonia DetectorThe new FDL-7 [NH3] is the first instrument that remotely detects and measures ammonia leaks. The laser-based technology quickly pinpoints leaks from a safe distance to mitigate hazardous leaks.

The newly launched FDL-7 [NH3] is the first instrument that allows for remote detection of ammonia leaks up to a distance of 65 ft.. Ammonia gas is widely used in different industrial environments. Diligent leak monitoring is of utmost importance, especially if used in indoor applications. High concentrations present a serious health hazard; even small ammonia leaks cause irritation of the eyes. Existing solutions warn reliably if a leak is present, locating the exact source of the leak with existing methods is time consuming and requires close proximity to the leak.

FDL-7 [NH3] Remote Ammonia DetectorThe novel FDL-7 [NH3] is based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS). This technology is already broadly used to detect natural gas / methane for more than ten years. Now, it is also available for ammonia. A highly visible green guide laser shows exactly the measurement position to easily identify the leak. The compact handheld instrument is designed for all leak detection tasks in the ammonia processing industry including production and transport industry. The operation is self-explanatory and particularly suitable for emergency on-site services. Via the ATEX Zone II certification it can be applied in explosion hazardous areas where only intrinsically safe equipment is allowed.

The instrument is commercially available and a 24-months manufacturer warranty is complementary. Please contact us for detailed information.

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