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Emergency Gas Leak Survey Successfully Completed

SELMA Gas Leak Survey Vehicle
Emergency gas leak survey successfully flown in the first week of 2015

Tuesday Morning:

After heavy rain fall and mudslides a gas company was concerned about the integrity of its pipeline. Pergam receives the inquiry to inspect the pipeline as soon as possible with the aerial methane sensor ALMA.
Thursday Morning:

The helicopter equipped with ALMA takes off from an airport close to the pipeline.
Thursday Afternoon:

The preliminary results are available thanks to the real time analyses. The natural event caused no mayor damages to the pipeline and the ROW. However, a 120 ppm leak on a valve in a remote gas pump station was detected.
Friday Morning:

Data were processed during the night. The final report and the data storage device with the high definition video footage was handed over to the grid operator. The integrity management feels reassured that there are no security threats in their network.

Read more about ALMA (Aerial Laser Methane Assessment).