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new: GasCopter

Natural gas is composed of more than 75% methane. There is high demand for an easy and cost-efficient method for the detection of methane in all sectors of the natural gas industry. From production through processing and transmission, to distribution; an impressive number of applications can be realized with the new GasCopter including line, tank and asset inspections, landfill emission…read more →

Did you know?

Did you know that the aerial power line inspection with IR and UV cameras is capable to find up to 64 % more deficiencies compared to a standard inspection flight? The FLIR / Polytech C350 multi-sensor platform contains an infrared camera to find thermal problems, an ultraviolet camera to detect partial discharges and a HD video camera together with a…read more →

Emergency Gas Leak Survey Successfully Completed

Emergency gas leak survey successfully flown in the first week of 2015   Tuesday Morning:After heavy rain fall and mudslides a gas company was concerned about the integrity of its pipeline. Pergam receives the inquiry to inspect the pipeline as soon as possible with the aerial methane sensor ALMA.   Thursday Morning:The helicopter equipped with ALMA takes off from an…read more →

SELMA Gas Leak Survey Vehicle

Next generation of SELMA Gas Leak Survey Vehicle available We are proud to introduce today the next generation of our gas leak detection vehicle SELMA. We brought the highly sensitive technology known from our aerial gas detection system ALMA down to street-level. A thought-out work flow, a simple installation on different types of vehicles and a semi-automated reporting function makes…read more →


This new handle for the Laser Methane mini is the ideal accessory to make long walking surveys more comfortable. The Laser Methane mini lies comfortably in your hand – even during an eight hours shift. It is compatible with both models, LMm-G (SA3C50A) and LMm (SA3C32A). Did you know that the instrument can be linked to a smart phone with…read more →

We have moved!

We are proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth, our office has moved to 209 SW 41st Street Renton, WA 98057. Our phone number remains the same: 877-317-2534.

Coming soon: LMS-remote

LMS-Remote is a stationary natural gas leak detection system for remote monitoring of elevated methane gas concentrations in ambient air. It is specifically designed for the constant scanning and monitoring of mission-critical areas such as compressor stations, gas tanks, storage facilities, tank farms, gas stations and LNG Terminals. The LMS-Remote System is based on new technology for detecting natural gas…read more →

Sales Partner in Canada Wanted

Sales Partner for the distribution of our Laser Methane Mini in Canada wanted. Please call 425-757-1828 for further information.

Now available: FLIR / Polytech C350!

In addition to the infrared, daylight video, and digital photo camera, the FLIR Corona 350 also includes an UV camera for the detection of faults induced by Corona discharges in high voltage power structures. The system is now available for inspection services and rentals.