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New SELMA Roof available

Pergam Technical Services is proud to announce that we have just received an additional SELMA Roof system – the latest natural gas detection device for vehicle based inspections. The new equipment is available in our demo and rental pool as of today.     SELMA Roof can easily be installed on all kinds of vehicles and is ready for operation…read more →

World’s First: Remote Ammonia Sensor

The new FDL-7 [NH3] is the first instrument that remotely detects and measures ammonia leaks. The laser-based technology quickly pinpoints leaks from a safe distance to mitigate hazardous leaks. The newly launched FDL-7 [NH3] is the first instrument that allows for remote detection of ammonia leaks up to a distance of 65 ft.. Ammonia gas is widely used in different…read more →

SA3C32A – Next Laser Methane mini generation

Exciting news for users in explosion hazardous areas: the second generation of the Laser Methane mini (Model SA3C32A, Gen 2) will be launched in June 2016. It will come ATEX approved and with a green laser. The improved laser allows inspections in bright outdoor environments to a distance up to 100 ft. (30 meters). Did you know that the measurement…read more →

Mobile Leak Detection Survey

Your opinion matters! We are looking for individuals who have or will consider any mobile gas leak detection solution. As one of the leading manufacturers and services providers for remote gas leak detection solutions, we now offer helicopter, UAV, vehicle and handheld based products. Within the framework of our innovation process, it is our desire to learn more about the…read more →

Pipeline Technology Journal

The Pipeline Technology Journal (ptj) from the EITEP Institute is a leading journal for pipeline experts worldwide. Pergam contributed an article about Laser Gas Leak Detection to the first issue in 2016 with focus on integrity, leak detection and corrosion. Read the full article. Visit

Celebrate with us: 20 years Pergam

We have a massive reason to celebrate in 2016: The Pergam Group becomes 20 years old and our US subsidiary Pergam Technical Service celebrates its 10th anniversary. We would like to thank our business partners for their loyalty throughout the years. Two decades is a long time and we thank all our customers, suppliers and partner companies for giving us…read more →

Handy Gas Sensor for UAVs

The natural gas industry as well as the booming LNG and shale gas industries are markets with huge opportunities for UAVs. There is high demand for an easy and cost-efficient method to detect leaks and methane emissions in all sectors. The LMC sensor is a remote gas detector with a data logger that records the gas concentration together with the…read more →

The Evolution of Gas Leak Detection

Do you utilize the most efficient technology for your gas leak detection obligations? When it comes to the demands from the gas industry, safety and reliability is closely followed by efficiency. Pergam, as a leading pioneer in laser based gas leak detection, understood early the opportunities of the technology. Remote detection capabilities, low-cost-ownership through reduced maintenance and fast detection are…read more →

Transport Canada STC granted for gas detection system ALMA

We have received the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from Transport Canada for our aerial leak detection system ALMA. The system combines high definition video recording with precise measurement of gas emissions. It meets all requirements for conscientious pipeline surveys. It can be utilized for transmission and gathering natural gas lines, both buried and above ground. The equipment is designed for…read more →

Aerial Power Line Inspection Patrols: Helicopter vs. UAV

Very few technologies are so heavily discussed nowadays as much as UAVs / drones. New and economical possibilities for the utility inspection world are anticipated. As an established provider for aerial power line inspection services with manned helicopters, we frequently get asked about the preferable concept. Reviewing the completed projects over the past few years, we see the demand from…read more →