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The international gas supply operates through an enormously large network of pipelines. Due to its immense size and requirements it often leads through inaccessible and difficult to negotiate territory and makes inspections and maintenance extremely difficult. Aerial methods offer the most practical and efficient solution.

ALMA – the abbreviation for Aerial Laser Methane Assessment – is the solution for aerial pipeline inspections and offers a vital contribution to safety of transmission pipelines. Our service is based on the latest generation of laser spectroscopy and utilizes the most advanced technology, experienced pilots and operators for a dependable pipeline inspection. We can offer services regardless of your location in the world in cooperation with prequalified helicopter partners.

Our specialized engineers will install the equipment to the helicopter and plan the inspection. Then we fly this route under suitable weather conditions and store all data in digital format.


ALMA System

ALMAThe ALMA is a cutting-edge laser based natural gas detection system which is developed and manufactured in Switzerland. ALMA consists of three (3)  components:

1.   An on-board laptop manages the data acquisition and data processing.

2.  An on-board electronic unit controls Class 1 laser-control system with GPS receiver is mounted on the helicopter.

3.  The helicopter belly-mounted optical unit is a refraction-based system consisting of a laser, a reference channel, and three (3) digital video recording cameras. The cameras are integrated into the ALMA system and indicate the locations which are scanned by the system’s laser beam. It simultaneously helps the pilot position the helicopter over the object that needs inspection.



ALMA RETUIS Control SoftwareThe software built into this system is a sophisticated program which allows for real-time monitoring and data acquisition including post-acquisition data analysis. The software consists of two separate modules:

  • The Pergam GLD Control Software allows for real-time monitoring to control all operational parameters of the optical unit and automatic recording of all relevant information such as methane concentration, GPS coordinates and a synchronized time signal. Methane concentration exceeding a threshold level triggers an alarm and a picture of the location is recorded. The flight trajectory is displayed on an electronic map.


  • The Pergam Processing Software allows for all of the recorded data to be assessed, analyzed and reports generated. The relevant pictures from locations with an increased methane level will also be included.


The data is being recorded during the flight is available for reporting and post processing. The results will be summarized in a hardcopy report.  A real-time video and pictures from each place along with the GPS data where we have detected methane will also be sent to you on a hard drive allowing data review and archival records.


The increased efficiency of aerial inspections makes this service very economical. An aerial inspection proves its value particularly in inaccessible areas such as mountainous regions.

Natural gas companies can benefit from our professional inspection service. Most natural gas companies are diligent about monitoring and inspecting their networks, but still there are destructive safety incidents and a percentage of the gas unaccounted for. We would be pleased to provide you with a customized quotation based upon your request!

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