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Archive for April, 2016

World’s First: Remote Ammonia Sensor

The new FDL-7 [NH3] is the first instrument that remotely detects and measures ammonia leaks. The laser-based technology quickly pinpoints leaks from a safe distance to mitigate hazardous leaks. The newly launched FDL-7 [NH3] is the first instrument that allows for remote detection of ammonia leaks up to a distance of 65 ft.. Ammonia gas is widely used in different…read more →

SA3C32A – Next Laser Methane mini generation

Exciting news for users in explosion hazardous areas: the second generation of the Laser Methane mini (Model SA3C32A, Gen 2) will be launched in June 2016. It will come ATEX approved and with a green laser. The improved laser allows inspections in bright outdoor environments to a distance up to 100 ft. (30 meters). Did you know that the measurement…read more →